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Italy: 14 Tons of Drugs Seized Linked To Islamic State…….


It’s halal according to Islam if it’s to Islam’s benefit…


Italy Seizes Record 14 Tons of Amphetamines, Blames Islamic State

The government of Italy announced on Wednesday it had seized 14 tons of an amphetamine labeled “captagon” en route to Europe from Syria. Italian officials reportedly believe Islamic State terrorists had produced the drug and introduced it to the market.


Captagon is a brand name for an amphetamine banned in the 1980s, originally created to treat narcolepsy, featuring fenethylline as a base. In modern times, the drug has become highly popular in the Middle East and the name “captagon” is used for a variety of street mixes that include amphetamine and caffeine or theophylline.


At the height of the Islamic State’s power in Syria and Iraq in the mid-2010s, when the group had established a “caliphate” including some of those countries’ biggest cities, captagon grew to develop a reputation for being a “jihad” drug, used to limit the inhibition of jihadis and allow them to stay awake for extended periods of time to commit human rights atrocities.


Italian Customs officials seized the drugs in the port city of Salerno, finding 14 tons representing about 84 million pills, according to the Associated Press (AP). The agency estimated the haul to be worth about $1 billion. It is believed to be the biggest seizure of amphetamines in history.


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