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Democrats do not want a resurgent America, for them is politics first…….


Democrats have implied it, in fact they’re hoping for it…


Democrats Are Terrified of a ‘Happy’ America Before November

Staff Writer Jul 3, 2020


Buck Sexton, the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” said Thursday that the Democrat Party is terrified that the country is going to begin to reemerge from these recent months of malaise and watch their hopes in 2020 topple like an Abraham Lincoln statue at a Black Lives Matter protest.


“They’re terrified,” Sexton said. “Because that whole plan here is that Joe Biden represents for them a return to normal.”


Sexton continued, “Never mind that the radical left will be calling the shots for Biden like he’s some little puppet. Like some little marionette—you know—pulling the strings on Biden all the time.”


The panic would likely be palpable at the Democratic National Committee if it is late September and small businesses reopen and Americans begin to get up to date with their mortgage payments. Then the election would have to focus on Biden’s unremarkable 40-year career as a machine Democrat, Sexton said.


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