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Finnish State Dairy Firm Valio Pulls Fez Wearing Turk From Adversting After Point Laden Parody on Twitter…….


Anter Yasa, a well known Finnish-Kurdish human rights activist (no friend of sharia-supremacists) had made a parody of the cancel culture happening in Finland as well. In a tweet to the state dairy producer, Valio, Yasa queried the following:



Translation:May I ask why this packaging has such a stereotypical racist image of what is “Turkish”? Fez’s have not been used since Atatürk.”


He was simply seeing as to whether they would snap to attention and hop to it, announce the removal of the various similar images that they’ve been using to sell their products over the years. He didn’t have to wait long. They were more than eager to announce their plans to remove images of different nationalities on their products. “Woke (cancel) culture is unfortunately strong here as well.


And then it snowballed, with Greeks in Finland playing along.



Translation: Anter Yasa: “My Greek brother is very hurt/upset.”
Manolis Huuki: “I have lived in Finland and faced racism and stereotypes of how we Greeks are lazy. For years I have felt bad on how my culture was being owned on a product like this. @ValioFi how are you going to address this? From a Greek perspective, that picture is insulting.”


Valio then announced that they’re pulling the images. The state news broadcaster Yle reported that Yasa had criticized Valio, to which replied:



Translation: “I called Yle. I said how ridiculously racist and over-tolerant idiots you are when you assume that I would actually get upset over a cup of yogurt and fez – and I didn’t criticize that at all at first. I’m waiting for a correction.”


Even the English section of Yle, Yle News, got it wrong, and only after the man himself got ahold of their gatekeeper did the story get corrected. These are supposed to be professionals, they never got ahold of Anter Yasa, the man who got the ball rolling, to get his side of it, they just content to place words into his mouth.



Translation: The article doesn’t even say it was a parody in yle’s English fake news. No mention. Consider. They’re not ashamed to lie to my face, even though i’m sure they know the way it is. Should I lodge a complaint with the Public Word Council? “


Well, they finally came around to correcting their article:


“EDITED at 5:52pm on 28 June to reflect that Yaşa claimed he was making a joke when initially tweeting at Valio.”

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