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Finnish State Broadcaster YLE Once Again Spreads Lie Against Finns Party Leader Jussi Hallo-aho in English Media…….


They can’t help themselves, they’re hardcore Leftist ideologues…


Yle state news broadcaster once again spreads #Fakenews about Finns Party leader, Jussi Halla-aho, in a story about Finns party youth wing’s bigoted tweets. 


Halla-aho himself was in 2012 convicted of agitating against an ethnic group and disturbing religious worship after publishing texts in which he had suggested Islam allows paedophilia, and that robbing passers-by and living on social benefits were ethnic characteristics of Somalis.


That’s an outright falsehood. Halla-aho was convicted in a kangraoo-style court for challenging the state prosecutor (in an attempt to prove a two-tier justice system exists in Finland) whether labeling other groups in a similar way the media does with ethnic Finns. At the time, Halla-aho insisted that these were not his views, but asked what if Somalis were disparaged in a similar way as ethnic Finns, and gave a few examples. That was not “suggesting” as YLE depicts, but posing a hypothetical in order to expose the hypocrisy of the Finnish media and injustice of the Finnish prosecution/judicial system.

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