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US: Trump Says (Logically) It’s Common Sense to Cut Immigration While 30M Americans Out of Work…….




Trump: ‘It’s Common Sense’ to Cut Immigration While 30M Americans are Unemployed

President Trump says it is “common sense” to reduce overall immigration to the United States while more than 30 million Americans are jobless and want full-time work.


During an interview with Fox News’ John Roberts on Saturday evening, Trump said reducing immigration by halting foreign visa programs is a “common sense” approach to the nation’s mass unemployment problem caused by the Chinese coronavirus crisis.


“I think it’s going to make a lot of people very happy,” Trump said of his plan to expand his current executive order that halted new employment-based green cards from being issued to foreign workers.


“It’s common sense, to be honest with you, it’s common sense,” Trump said.


The plan has overwhelming support from overall Americans and, specifically, from swing-state voters.


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