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Plurality Say ‘Anti-White’ Racism is a Problem in France…….


All race-based rhetoric is wrong…


I don’t like it used against any racial group, which includes white people as well.


Plurality of French Say ‘Anti-White’ Racism is a Problem in France

A survey released this week shows that 47 per cent of the French public believe in the existence of “anti-white” racism in the wake of several Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests.


The poll, which was conducted by the firm Ifop, showed a significantly smaller 36 per cent of the public, believe that anti-white racism does not exist, with another 17 per cent said they had no opinion on the issue.


Following the death of George Floyd in the United States, and the subsequent protests and riots there, France saw its own share of Black Lives Matter demonstrations against alleged incidents of police brutality.


The Ifop poll revealed that while 42 per cent of the public said they “want to support” demonstrations against police violence, but 46 per cent said they trust the police. Only twenty-two per cent said police inspired “worry” in them, with a mere seven per cent saying they felt “hostility” towards officers, L’Express reports.


The results also revealed a distinct divide between different age groups in their views of the police, with older people being for more trusting of officers than younger people.


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