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Gatestone: Is All We Are the Color of Our Skin……?


It should never be…


The political left in the United States now seems to embrace the most openly racist ideas perhaps since German National Socialism in the 1930s and 1940s.


Their racist view, according to which the color of skin is the measure of all reality, truth, hierarchy and moral values, marks a startling regression.


During recent riots, shop fronts and synagogues in the United States were defaced with antisemitic slogans. It is argued in vain that these threats should not be exaggerated; a protester in New York City seemed comfortable openly declaring on Fox News that he intended to lead his peers, laden with cheap gasoline, to set fire to a neighborhood, the “Diamond District,” where many Jews are known to work.


The doctrine that reduces human beings to the color of their skin does not befit any society, especially a multiracial one.


One of the demands of many on the left is to pay trillions of dollars for reparations (when you love, you do not count) to the descendants of slaves. This demand presents three problems:


The first problem is collective responsibility; the idea that responsibility for the crimes of a few extends to all members of a group, both criminals and victims. As the American radio host, author and attorney Larry Elder, who happens to be Black, recently noted on Twitter: “Reparations are the extraction of money from those who were never slave owners to be given to those who were never slaves.”


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