Lefty Morons Scotland

Scotland: ‘Former’ Taliban fighter has won the right to live in the country due to idiotic concerns…….


The same in Finland, expatriating (Finn) Islamonazis from Syria…


Scotland is full of Leftist morons running their country.

Ex-Taliban fighter can stay for treatment

A former Taliban fighter has won the right to live in Scotland after a judge ruled that he would not receive proper treatment in his home country for the post-traumatic stress he suffered during the conflict.


The member of the Islamist group, whose identity has been protected by the courts, was granted asylum after a judge at an immigration tribunal in Glasgow found that returning him to Afghanistan would infringe his human rights. It was also claimed the former fighter, 41, would be at risk because the present regime is hostile to the Taliban.


Colonel Richard Kemp, a former British commander in Afghanistan, told The Scottish Mail on Sunday: “This Taliban terrorist should be immediately deported to Afghanistan, where he can be dealt with…..

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