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Swedish journalist celebrates communist mass murderer with portraits…….


If a journo had one of Adolf Hitler he would be (correctly) fired from his position…


Aftonbladet journalist celebrates communist mass murderer with portraits

A journalist at Aftonbladet prides itself on social media with a newly acquired poster in the home. It is a tribute to the communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin.


It was on Tuesday that the author and cultural writer Thomas Engström, who works for both Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet, published a post on Instagram to showcase his new home decor in Jokkmokk.


The poster shows the Soviet leader Lenin, whose rule was created by taking power by force and dealing with dissenting citizens through terror, persecution and mass executions. Alongside Lenin, the hammer and the cutter, Engström’s poster also reads, “Lenin lived, Lenin alive, Lenin will live”.


More here in Swedish

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