EU Fascism

Germany: Burning the EU flag a ‘hate crime’, can result in up to three years in prison…….


In other words, public dissent against a state or its regime is a punishable ‘crime’…


Every German, whether they are pro-EU or not should immediately go into the public squares that dot the land and burn EU flags. Here we have full fisted, jackboot-to-the-throat tyranny staring back at us. A glaring lack of self-confidence by German EU-ophiles brings out their inner fascist. And they dare label their political opposition ‘fascsists’ when they themselves will not tolerate dissent.


New law: Burning the EU flag can result in up to three years in prison in Germany


Germany has declared burning the EU flag or the flag of another country a hate crime punishable by up to three years in prison, the BBC reported .


In yesterday’s parliamentary vote, it was decided to equate the destruction or fencing of foreign flags with the destruction of the German flag. The new law also applies to the public tearing of a flag.


The Right-wing party Alternative for Germany (AfD) has condemned the new law as an excessive interference with freedom of expression and artistic expression. 



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