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Finnish Media Spins Democrat Party Press’ Narrative on US DOJ Dismissal of Case Against Gen.Flynn…….




From the Helsingin Sanomat: 

Trump’s ex-counsel Michael Flynn’s lawsuit was dropped

The Department of Justice held that the FBI’s original investigation into Flynn did not exceed the investigation threshold.
IN THE UNITED STATES THE Department of Justice has dropped the criminal case against Michael Flynn , President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser. Flynn has been found to have lied to the FBI about his connections with Russia during Trump’s election campaign.
The request to drown the criminal case was made by a federal judge. The request states that the FBI’s original investigation into Flynn would not have exceeded the investigation threshold. Because of this, it didn’t matter whether Flynn told the interrogators the truth or not.
The nd of Flynn’s criminal case is a political victory for Trump. Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador were one of the focal points of Mueller’s investigation. Trump has described Mueller’s investigation into Russia as a witch-hunt and Flynn as a victim of dirty police.
Now the Department of Justice came closer to Trump’s views.


Here the HS just takes verbatim the international wire service’s (STT & AFP) Democrat influenced talking points without actually going into the nuts and bolts of the case. Flynn was found by the first two FBI agents who questioned him as not having lied, only when the disgraced Peter Strzok got involved did he twist their (the two FBI cops) interview record into Flynn having lied. Those are the facts. The wire services and the HS would have the reader believe that Flynn had actually lied, and is just getting off now because of the present DOJ being influenced by Pres.Trump.


Actually, it’s quite the opposite, the DOJ, FBI, and CIA were heavily influenced by the Obama administration, so much so they cooked up a shady “Russia” scheme to thwart Trump’s chances at winning the WH, when that failed they took it another step by allowing more agencies in the bureaucracy to read otherwise off-limits intelligence reports in order for classified material to be leaked to the press. Arranging a “soft-coup” in order to derail the Trump presidency is the single most explosive scandal in US history. Flat-out treason. Biased media passed that story up because it was a Democrat that did it, and especially so because it was Donald Trump they were doing it to.


Now Finnish state broadcaster YLE:

The lawsuit against Trump’s former security adviser is being dropped

Michael Flynn kept in touch with the Russian Ambassador to the United States.
In the United States The Department of Justice has announced that legal action against Michael Flynn, a former security adviser to President Donald Trump’s administration, will be dropped.
Trump’s political allies have pushed for the criminal case to be abandoned. Flynn himself has tried to retract his statement, admitting he lied to the federal police FBI about his contacts with Russian U.S. Ambassador Sergei Kisljak before Trump’s election as president.
Flynn is one of Trump’s aides who either confessed or was convicted when Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller investigated Russia’s interference in the U.S. presidential election. The investigation examined, among other things, the connections of Trump’s campaign to Russia.


Again, no mention of any details by the DOJ of the gross abuse against Flynn by the Obama administration. Nothing, They set it up as “Gen.Flynn the liar” who got away with it. No mention of anything from the DOJ’s own extensive report on why it was dropping the case.


Media hacks. The Finnish press have no dog in the US fight, but yet they stick to their monolithic reporting on Trump solely because they’re ideologically aligned with their colleagues in the US Democrat Party Press (DPP).



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