Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Israel Jews and the Left Propaganda

Jewish pseudo ‘peace’ group supposedly “busts pro-Israel myths about Gaza” by peddling nonsensical pablum (propaganda)…….


A group of delusional maroons who should be forced to listen to the stories told by Jews forced out of the Levant and Maghreb…



According to IfNotNow:

The truth:
Israel controls Gaza’s air and coastline, and six of Gaza’s seven land crossings.
Israel reserves the right to enter Gaza at will with its military and maintains a no-go buffer zone within the Gaza territory.


Actual fact: Gaza, the Hamas run enclave was handed back, every Jew who lived there was physically removed, Synagogues emptied, graveyards as well. Jewish humanitarians handed over working farms, greenhouses as well as providing millions in donations to help with their infrastructure.


Instead, they (Islamonazis) took to launching rockets indiscriminately into southern Israel, as well as trying to undermine the security fences that run along the border, in attempts to murder Jewish citizens in neighboring areas.


Israel was forced to implement a weapons blockade of Gaza, which was joined by Egypt as well. Israel is forced to inspect every shipment of goods entering the Hamas-run Gaza Strip for weapons and military dual application material. Anything else is allowed to freely enter the enclave. They have their own police force, municipality, border guards etc. There is not one IDF soldier nor Jew in Gaza.


According to IfNotNow:

Electricity: At certain points during the blockade, Gaza had electricity for only 4 hours a day
Black circle Water Supply: Less than 4% of water in Gaza is drinkable at this point
Black circle Internet: the internet in Gaza is only available when electricity is available


The actual facts: Israel has helped with their water supplies, their sewage challenges, as well as helping to maintain some of their electricity needs. At some point Arab/Muslim culpability has to be addressed, these are not children, regardless of IfNotNow’s patronizing propaganda. Huge amounts of aid money, that could have been spent on addressing their societal needs, have been spent on concrete bunkers, tunnels, lathe shops for rockets/missiles and weapons in general.


The Israelis do not attack their terrorists without severe provocation. If not for rocket launchings and terrorist infiltrations, Israel would not be lifting a finger against them. Period. IfNotNow refuses to address the actions by the Arabs of Gaza, as if every single response by Israel happens within a bubble. Here’s the former Israeli ambassador to Finland, Avi Granot addressing the same mindset during a lecture in Helsinki University by historical revisionist, Avi Shlaim.



IfNotNow is a hard-Left propaganda organization dedicated to smearing the Jewish state in the name of their being Jews.  Jihadist Muslims couldn’t care less for peace, let alone co-existence with Jews, and normal relations in general. It’s all about Islamic supremacy, the instillment of the sharia, and dominance of the Muslim over the non-Muslim. These radical Leftist buffoons are the “secular version” of the Hassidic Neturei Karta. Both aim for the same thing, the destruction of Israel but for different religious reasons.

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