Finland: YLE Journalist Antti Kuronen Tries to Justify Fixation With Welfare of Islamonazi Wives of ISIS Terrorists in Syria’s Al-Hol Camp…….


Yeah, Kuronen’s job isn’t to be a judge, but to paint sympathetic pictures for the worst humanity has to offer.




If he was around during the end of WWII would he be doing the same for the wives and children of Nazi party leaders? Who cares what they’re experiencing in camp? They chose to team up with the most horrific political entity in recent modern history, I couldn’t care less whether they’re sleeping in a tent or in a thatch covered hole, as long as they’re not here. YLE journalist Antti Kuronen knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s making pseudo-news through a state (taxpayer) funded documentary to draw up sympathy for these Islamonazis. His editors back in Finland want to keep this issue in the public eye and have no problem in using the taxpayer to do it.


Foreign journalist Antti Kuronen on women and children in al-Hol: My job is not to do intelligence work or to act as a judge



The final truth about the Finnish women in al-Holi camp is difficult to reach. It is the task of the authorities, writes Antti Kuronen, a foreign journalist director of the ‘Year in al-Hol’ documentary.


The terrorist organization Isis and the caliphate it created are an important subject of our time. Extremism has never grown so quickly and dramatically as a global factor.


In a couple of years, a small jihadist extremist formed in the depths of the Iraqi civil war managed to invade large areas and attract tens of thousands of foreigners to Syria and Iraq.


With the help of the Internet, propaganda from a terrorist organization reached out to people around the world. Also from Finland.


The last remnants of the caliphate were defeated a year ago. Women and their children were interned in the Al-Hol camp.


 Suomalainen poika al-Holin leirissä Koillis-Syyriassa.


The year in al-Hol is about the first year after the caliphate fell.


I’ve been reporting isis terrorist since 2014. On several occasions, I have thought that there is no need to return to the subject. I was wrong.


They like to talk about the harsh conditions in the camp and up criticize Kurdish guards. The more sensitive subject is what they have experienced and done in the isis caliphate of the terrorist organization.


I have visited the camp three times and noticed that the women are different from each other. Some of the women stay away and don’t want to give interviews.


As a journalist, it is my job to seek information about al-Hol, its women and children: On the first trip it became clear that there are many more Finns in al-Hol than previously thought. Last August I collected information about the two orphaned children who subsequently had been taken to Finland and met a Finnish juvenile in prison.


It’s not my job to do intelligence or judge. I am not the right person to assess whether women are a security threat or how the authorities should act.


Instead, I can show you what the camp is like, and what the local people in northeastern Syria think about the al-Hol camp and the fallen caliphate of Isis.



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