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CNN ( #FakeNews ) Removes Own Vid-Clip of Biden Accuser’s Mother Calling Larry King…….


CNN is #FakeNews and is demonstrably evil…


Daily Caller has it:

CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ Episode Appearing To Show Biden Accuser’s Mother Calling Seems To Be Missing From Google Play Catalog


The CNN “Larry King Live” episode that apparently shows Tara Reade’s mother calling about her daughter’s alleged sexual assault doesn’t appear to be available on Google Play’s catalog.


The August 11, 1993 episode appears to show Reade’s mother calling in and asking King about her daughter having “problems” with “a prominent senator.” Reade publicly accused former Vice President Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in the early 1990’s last month.

The episode was first reported with a transcript by The Intercept Friday. Media Research Center then unearthed CNN’s video of the segment and Reade confirmed that the voice was her mother’s.


More here.

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