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Finland: Yet Another “Genius Finnish Expert” on US Politics, Thinks He Understands Trump’s Temporary Immigration Ban…….


Where do they get these lightweight know-nothings..?


Hey Joonas, it pays to avoid the circular echo-chamber of the US Democrat Party Press, you’ll find a divergence of opinion more intellectually stimulating, than the mire of monolithic media/think tank claptrap. Nowhere in your piece did you mention that the overwhelming majority of Americans want a cessation of immigration during a time of great unemployment. Trump was listening to the American people, something that as a Finn you might not be too familiar with, political leaders actually listening to the electorate.


Time and again, Finnish journalists bloviate their uninformed opinions in the media, which to the average Finn looks impressive, but in reality, it has the consistency of helium. It’s too bad, Finns deserve better but they’re stuck with these knuckleheads trained in the indoctrination mills of the Finnish Leftist academia.


Comment : Trump is forcing immigration again into an election theme – and it can work

The president has a habit of digging out his favorite topics during the election, writes Joonas Lehtonen, Iltalehti’s manager of foreign affairs.
The historic health crisis is punishing the entire planet. In the United States alone, the number of people affected by the coronavirus is approaching one million, and there are already more than 45,000 deaths in the country. Many hospitals have reached their limit, and some Americans can’t even afford to see a doctor.
(TT: EU member countries have more cases and deaths than the US. Only “hot-spots” like NYC have had near-limit situations, they no longer need the aid ship, nor excess number of the ventilators)


The corona pandemic is also being followed by a deep economic recession. Already, an all-time record number of Americans have become unemployed.


At the same time as climate change progresses, the wars in the Middle – East will continue and the US’s legal gun sales trade is booming.


So where to make the theme of the U.S. fall presidential election? Immigration, of course.


This seems to be the view of President Donald Trump , who in early Wednesday in Finnish time spoke in more detail about his plans to suspend immigration to the United States.


[TT: Nearly 80% of Americans favor a temporary ban on immigration during Coronavirus crisis.)


According to Trump, it’s necessary to prevent work-related, permanent green card – immigrants from coming to the United States for two months, so that the Americans themselves be enough to work.


However, according to media reports, the president does not deny immigrants applying for a temporary work visa, which constitute the largest source of immigration in the USA.Exceptions to the rule will also be made, for example, for migrant workers in “critical sectors” and in cases of family reunification.


According to a report by a research organization quoted by the New York Times, among others, immigration will not have a significant impact on employment or wages for native Americans anyway – but at least in some areas.

Indeed, Trump’s order looks like an election trick, and it’s not even the first time he’s riding under the election with his favorite subject.

(TT: It’s a fact that certain immigration groups will not be affected, that has more to do with Trump’s advisors and the Democrats than with Trump himself. He doesn’t live in a political bubble, there are interest groups on all sides pulling at his suit sleeve, as well as the Democrats who need some form of placation in order to get bigger measures passed. Lehtonen offers a skewed, lightweight viewpoint here because he’s politically compromised.)

In the previous presidential election in 2016, perhaps Trump’s most concrete promise was to build a wall on his country’s border with Mexico. On that side, he also flirted with the most radical forces, among other things, calling Mexicans “criminals and rapists” and painting a gloomy picture of Muslims.


(TT: Here is another example of Lehtonen feeding from the Democrat Party Press pig trough. President Trump has repeatedly differentiated between normal migrants and hardened criminals, he was not calling the average migrant illegally coming over the border as “criminals and rapists”, just the MS-13 types as well as those who feed off these migrants, “coyotes” and other nefarious elements, etc. As for Muslims, he purposefully fails to mention what “gloomy picture” Trump was supposedly painting.)


In the run-up to the 2018 congressional election, Trump dramatically displayed – with the favorable help of the Fox News news channel – a “caravan” of migrants who traveled from Central America to the U.S. border. However, Democrats focused on health care and the economy won the majority of the House back to themselves, and after the election, Trump’s speeches on the “caravan” mysteriously stopped.
(TT: The caravans stopped thanks to the help of the Mexican government. Also, what Lehtonen doesn’t mention was the downplaying of, and the slobbering over these migrants -trying to illegally come into the country- by the Democrat Party Press. They literally were ginning up the rhetoric against the president who was acting on his promise that he ran on, and was elected because of. Again, this Finnish “journalist” is not familiar with elected officials listening to the public, and carrying out their promises that they ran on during an election.)

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