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Raymond Ibrahim: Muslim ‘Charities’ Deny Aid to ‘Infidels’ During Coronavirus Crisis……..




Muslim ‘Charities’ Deny Aid to ‘Infidels’ During Coronavirus Crisis

Consistency to the end.

Crises often have a way of revealing people’s true natures.  Here in America, for instance, doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals have stepped above and beyond their call of duty in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; so too have charities, churches and other religious organizations, many of which have volunteered their premises for coronavirus testing or as medical centers, distributed food and medical supplies to the needy, etc.


Needless to say, none of them are discriminating based on race or religion; they are aiding anyone and everyone in need.


Then there’s the Muslim world; there, too, COVID-19 is revealing the true nature of Islam.


Enter zakat, which is often—but erroneously—translated as “charity.” As with virtually everything else Islamic, it too discriminates, sees only in dichotomies, namely “us” (Muslims) and “them” (infidels).


As usual, Pakistan—so named to mean the “land of the pure [i.e., Muslims]”—offers ample precedents.  According to a March 30 report:


A Karachi NGO has denied food aid to poor Hindus and Christians, who like Muslims are suffering from coronavirus….  The Saylani Welfare International Trust has been operating in the Korangi area since 1999, handing out aid and meals to homeless people and seasonal workers.  Two days ago, the welfare organisation refused to give ration cards to non-Muslims, saying that only Muslims are entitled to them.  The reason for this is that Zakat, Islamic alms giving (one of Islam’s five pillars), is reserved for Muslims. The Christian man said he begged for food to no avail.  Farooq Masih, a 54-year-old Christian in Korangi, said that last Saturday, Abid Qadri, a member of Saylani Welfare, with other NGO members, handed out food cards in his area. But, when they got to Christian homes, they just moved on.

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