Finland: Muslim Bargains Father of Fiance from 30,000 to 4,500 Euros Then Rapes His Daughter in Department Store Restroom…….


Eh, he got a probational sentence … for rape?


Young woman raped in Sokos’ invalid toilet – the perpetrator handed conditional sentence

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She didn’t want to have sex before she got married, so she decided to take her by force.


The rape took place in the middle of Helsinki, in the disabled toilet of the Sokos department store.


The victim was a young woman who had no previous sexual experiences and who refused sexual intercourse before getting married. The rapist was her boyfriend, who didn’t care for the woman’s principles.


Proposing trip to Helsinki

The victim had become acquainted with a man living in Tampere via the Internet. Getting to know each other had led to dating, and the man had even visited the girl’s parents in Helsinki.


According to the man, the girl’s father had demanded €30,000 for the marriage. However, he said that he bargained him down and paid her father €4,500 for the wedding.


However, the relationship between the son-in-law and the girl’s parents did not develop very warm. The girl’s refusal to have sex had caused a rift between the young couple.


The man once again had a quarrel with the girl’s family and now wanted to go back to Tampere. She went to escort him to the train station. The man wanted to stop and use the bathroom at Sokos’ department store, and the girl followed him.


The victim was ashamed and wept

When the man came out of the bathroom, his girlfriend went in on her own. But he came after her. He went behind his girlfriend, sat on the toilet and forcibly pulled her from the sides to him. He pulled her pants down with force and violated his victim.


The situation lasted only a moment, but it was very painful for the inexperienced woman. When she got out of the bathroom she was shaking with fear and weeping. She was saddened and ashamed, and couldn’t tell anyone at first.


The girl later told that the act in the bathroom was something that Islam forbids. It was only later that she dared to talk about what happened at the psychiatric nurse’s office.


During the interrogation, the man admitted to being with his girlfriend in the department store’s toilet, but claimed the girl was proactive. According to him, there had been a mutual “petting” in the bathroom, but he denied the violation.


Survived with probation

In court, the man was charged not only with the rape in the bathroom, but also of another lenient sexual offence against the same victim. Witnesses in court supported the victim’s report, which the court considered to be reliable.


The District Court of Helsinki sentenced the man born in 1992 to a year and a half of probational imprisonment for rape. The second charge was dismissed due to lack of evidence. The man was sentenced to pay compensation for pain and suffering totalling EUR 2,300.


The rape took place in April 2015. After the rapist’s appeal was withdrawn, only then did the Helsinki Court of Appeal confirmed the judgement of the District Court.



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