Finland Lefty Morons

Finland: Oulu Group Tackles Serious Rape Crime With Nonsensical YouTube Video……..


UPDATE: Organizer of the anti-rape video campaign makes her twitter account private.


She couldn’t handle the light of day commentary:


Killer-comet, where are You, we need You!

Markku Pakarinen:

After all, the much-paid secure Oulu program works very well. Makes a good reputation worldwide.
Now Oulu is on the world map big time! Lol!
Finland: Our country is intellectually and morally corrupt.


How do you handle an immigrant rape problem? Do something moronic…


Thanks to A-J Hirsimäki for the heads up on this hilarious, but incredibly stupid video. They’re copying the Finnish Naval video that went internationally viral, but this is so mind-numbingly stupid. It staggers the mind that there are people among us who would believe that this would have any kind of positive impact on the rape problem created by the people these nitwits most likely respect and support.


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