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Germany: Iran expanding its network in Europe, Hamburg still at its center…….


The German government’s toleration of an Islamonazi footprint, let alone a network, is a stain on the country’s post-WWII record of actively working against violent totalitarian ideologies…


Germany permits Iran’s regime to build European network – report

“It is clear that Iran is expanding its network in Europe to this day and that Hamburg is still at the center of this network,” says the historian and Islam expert Christian Osthold.

The Iranian regime-controlled Islamic Center in the northern city of Hamburg oversees a growing network in Europe that is tolerated by the state and federal authorities in Germany.
In a bombshell January exposé in the German magazine Focus titled “The long arm of the mullahs: Iran’s European network is controlled from Hamburg,” the historian and Islam expert Christian Osthold unpacks the dangers of the Iranian clerical regime in Europe.
Osthold wrote that the Iranian regime’s strategy is “the result of the execution of a well-calculated master plan according to which Tehran uses religious organizations to infiltrate EU countries.”
The historian said “When I gave an interview to the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten in March 2019, I learned that all properties associated with the Copenhagen Imam Ali Mosque would become the property of the Islamic Center Hamburg in the event of closure.”
He added that “since the Copenhagen mosque was only opened on October 1, 2015, it is clear that Iran is expanding its network in Europe to this day and that Hamburg is still at the center of this network.”
The Islamic Community of Shi’ite Communities of Germany is controlled by the Islamic Center of Hamburg, wrote Osthold. The reach of the Islamic Center Hamburg stretches to the Islamic European Union of Sharia Scholars and Theologians, according to Osthold’s analysis.The Jerusalem Post can reveal that the address for the Islamic European Union is the same as the Islamic Center Hamburg: Schöne Aussicht 36, Hamburg.
Osthold took the Germany’s government to task for failing to crackdown on Tehran’s growing presence in Germany.
“For years now, Berlin in particular has been failing to contain Iranian influence in its own country,” wrote Osthold.

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