Jennifer Dyer: Obama admin whistleblower found shot to death in rural northern California…….


I’m suspicious, but until concrete evidence is forthcoming, I’ll refrain from conjecture…

This doesn’t sound like a man about to commit suicide.  Haney was a mere 66 and preparing to get married again.
The bare facts about his death appear to be as follows.  Something hardly anyone else mentions, but which can be gleaned from a post by Frank Gaffney (see the LET link), is that Haney first went missing on Wednesday (19 February).  Something important we can deduce from that is that people knew he was missing.  Haney had friends who were expecting him, and couldn’t locate him.  Having the exact day he went missing means people knew where he was the day before.

Obama admin whistleblower found shot to death in rural northern California

By J.E. Dyer February 23, 2020


On Friday morning, 21 February, Philip Haney, a former DHS official, was found shot to death near his car at a rural highway intersection in California’s Central Valley.  Haney served as a whistleblower during the Obama administration, disclosing that shortly after Obama took office, DHS analysts were required by the new administration to purge their files of carefully accumulated information on terrorists and terrorist associates.


Haney was particularly concerned that this file purging hampered U.S. authorities in tracking and interdicting terrorist plots.  In a 2016 op-ed and his best-selling book See Something, Say Nothing, he reported that the mandatory destruction of files had started before the “Underwear bomber,” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, made his airliner bombing attempt in December 2009.  Haney also made the case to Congress that purging terrorist information had blinded U.S. agencies to the threat from the San Bernardino, California terrorists who attacked county workers at a Christmas party in December 2015, leaving 14 dead.


Haney was respected by many and beloved by his friends in think tanks, the punditry, and conservative activism.  They have weighed in with tributes to him since the news was first broken online at Law Enforcement Today.  (Gateway Pundit picked it up shortly thereafter.)


And the universal sense about his death is the one expressed in LET’s latest headline:

Trending: Man who killed library security guard had been freed without bail in attempted rape case
Police: Obama whistleblower ‘died of self-inflicted gunshot’. Friends: ‘Absolutely not’

Rather than rehash the information reported at other sites, I want to concentrate here on some aspects of Haney’s death that should raise questions.


I emphasize at the outset that the Amador County Sheriff says an investigation is still ongoing.  The initial statement said Haney died of a “self-inflicted gunshot,” but with an investigation ongoing, that seems to be premature.  A number of law enforcement professionals have chimed in with comments at the blog posts about this, saying that it would be too soon to be certain of that conclusion.


A couple of notes about Haney’s personal life: according to friends, after being widowed last year, when his wife of many years died of an extended illness, Haney moved from Virginia to Plymouth, California, and had current plans to get married again in 2020.  (His Facebook page lists his place of residence as Plymouth, CA.)


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