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UK: London Knife-wielding jihadi in suicide vest was on early release, monitored by police…


And yet he still managed to stab people…

UK: Streatham Knifeman Named, Was Convicted Terrorist Released from Prison Early

Reports indicate the suspected Islamist terrorist who stabbed people in Streatham, London, had been convicted of terrorism offences previously but was freed from prison early.


Sudesh Amman, 20, who wounded two people — one of whom is in life-threatening condition — “had been released from prison at the end of January, after serving half of his three year sentence” according to a BBC report.


He was shot dead relatively quickly by armed police officers, who had been keeping him under active surveillance, with a third member of the public being injured as a result of the gunfire.


Releasing convicts serving non-life, so-called determinate sentences halfway through their terms, automatically, is standard practice in the United Kingdom, with few exceptions.


Britain’s last radical Islamic terror attack at London Bridge in December 2019 was also carried out by a convicted terrorist, who had been released halfway through his sentence on a tag.


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