Liar French Premier Emmanuel Macron Slams Brexit That Was Based On “Lies, Exaggerations And Simplifications”…….


Macron was projecting…


Yeah, the guy who oversees a state that literally beats the crap of its citizens in the streets of Paris and elsewhere, is going to lecture the rest of the “masses” on what is true and just. Shut up!


Emmanuel Macron slams Brexit and says the Leave campaign was based on ‘lies, exaggerations and simplifications’ but admits it is an ‘historic alarm signal’ for EU


As the UK prepares to formally leave the bloc’s institutions at 11pm tonight, the French President (pictured speaking in the Elysée Palace, Paris tonight) lamented the ‘sad day’.


But while he acknowledged the need to reflect on the causes of Brexit, he doubled down on his long-held view that ‘more Europe’ is needed.


And he launched a blistering attack on the ‘lies, exaggeration, simplifications’ he claims muddied the 2016 referendum campaign and drove voters to ‘scapegoating’ the EU.


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