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GOP Leaders Confident of Soon Ending House’s Pseudo Impeachment of President Trump…….


It should never have been allowed to get this far…


Alan Dershowitz tells us why:

GOP confident of win on witnesses

GOP confident of win on witnesses


Republican senators emerged from a caucus meeting Tuesday voicing confidence they will win a vote later this week that would block new witnesses from being called and end President Trump’s impeachment trial this week.


While Republican sources acknowledged several senators are wrestling with the question of whether to bring in former national security adviser John Bolton as a witness, they said Democrats do not have the four GOP votes they need to win such a vote.


While it does not appear that Republicans have the votes to reject such a motion yet, GOP senators on Tuesday said they thought the caucus would get there.


“We’ve been 100 percent united in this process to this point and it would be my hope that we can remain that way,” said Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.).


He said Republicans will have at least the 50 votes they need to defeat the motion on witnesses.


“It’s either going to be 53, 52 or 51, some number that starts with five would be my guess would be the vote to not have witnesses,” Cramer said.


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) also voiced confidence.


“I feel good. I feel good that we’re in a good spot,” he said, “in terms of ending the trial sooner rather than later.”


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