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Helsingin Sanomat Headlines Dead Iranian Terrorist Quds Leader Suleimani As “Military Leader”, Says “Made Into Martyr”…….




This is the same paper that ran a headline/puff piece of the Heznazis in Lebanon over 10 years ago: “Hitchhiking With Hezbollah.” Two HS ‘journalists’ were impressed over a couple of Heznazis who helped them on the road when they blew a tire in the car they were driving. It never occurred to them that they were being followed by these two, remarking on how they were “clean-shaven”, didn’t appear to be radical at all!



Suleiman’s fingers have been firmly in play as Iran having raised and supported Shia armed forces not only in Iraq but also in Syria and Lebanon, for example.



H/T: Markus Ohra-aho

Trump attack kills Iranian military leader, described as “Middle East’s most prominent figure” – The attack took place in a highly flammable situation

In a stroke, the United States has made the military leader into martyr. Iran pledges revenge, the Iraqi Foreign Minister warns of a devastating war, and the United States told its citizens to leave Iraq by any means.


Kaisa Hakkarainen HS
published: 3.1. 5:18 , Updated: 3.1. 11:51

Qassim Suleimani, commander of the IRANIAN Revolutionary Guard al-Quds, died early Friday morning in an air strike at Baghdad airport. The United States confirms the attack and was ordered by President Donald Trump . Following the strike, the US Embassy in Iraq urged its citizens to leave Iraq “immediately” by air or through other countries ashore.


Major General Qassim Suleimani, 62, was a very influential figure, a legendary military leader, described by HS in his June post as “the most prominent figure in the Middle East.” Under his command, al-Quds special forces are responsible for intelligence and operations overseas of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


In his homeland, he was a super-celebrity and a hero in the fight against Isis, who, as a teenager, participated in the fall of the Iranian Shah and the war between Iraq and Iran. He has been the subject of several assassinations, Reuters news agency said.


According to AFP news agency, there was singing and dancing by Iraqi protesters in Baghdad who opposed the rise of Iranian influence, upon hearing of Suleimani’s death. Suleiman’s fingers have been firmly in play as Iran having raised and supported Shia armed forces not only in Iraq but also in Syria and Lebanon, for example.


Ali Khamenei, IRAN’S religious leader, vowed to avenge Iran’s death and raised the martyred leader to martyrdom.

“His reward for years of tireless efforts is to become a martyr,” Khamenei tweeted, according to Reuters. “His work and path will not end as he goes, but a serious revenge awaits the criminals, whose filthy hands are in the blood of martyrs now and last night.”

On television, Khamenei assured that the final victory awaits those who fight in the Holy War. He declared three days of mourning in Iran.

President Hassan Ruhani, for his part, said on television that killing Suleiman would make Tehran even more determined to oppose the United States.



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