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Finns Party Tops Polls Again…….


HS poll: Support for Finns Party growing

More people would vote for the opposition Finns Party than the ruling Social Democrats, a fresh poll finds.


The Finns Party and National Coalition Party are the most popular political groups in Finland, finds a poll commissioned by daily Helsingin Sanomat


The Finns Party’s popularity is rising and is now drawing 22.7 percent support, reports Helsingin Sanomat on Saturday. The other main opposition group, the National Coalition Party, garnered 17.2 percent.


The continued growth in support for the populist Finns Party is linked to a rise in anti-immigrant sentimentEmilia Palonen,a lecturer from the University of Helsinki, told Yle in November.


Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Social Democratic Party’s backing fell behind the opposition parties with support of 15.1 percent. Enthusiasm was also relatively low for the SDP’s government partners, with the Greens and Centre Party attracting 12.5 and 11.1 percent respectively. This was the Centre’s worst result in the history of Helsingin Sanomat’s political party polls.


The Left Alliance meanwhile polled 8.4 percent and Swedish People’s Party 4.5 percent.


Among the opposition, the Christian Democrats and Movement Now had 4 and 1.7 percent support.


The survey, carried out by Kantar TNS, interviewed 2,226 people. The margin of error was around 2 percentage points. The poll was carried out between the end of November and mid-December as Sanna Marin took over the premiership from Antti Rinne and while the new government came under fire for the repatriation of Finns from Syria’s al-Hol refugee camp.



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