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Charlie Kirk: GOP outreach to Black America must be New Year’s resolution…….



Charlie Kirk: Republican Outreach to Black Community Must Be New Year’s Resolution

Recently I heard from a friend of mine, successful businessman and founder of The New American Populist (TNAP), Jeff Webb, about a meeting he had attended a in Virginia with a group of black entrepreneurs.


Not surprisingly, one of main themes that emerged from the gathering was how the attendees felt Republicans have a better message for the black community, but Democrats do a much better job of delivering messages. In most cases, they said, Republicans don’t even bother to try.


What a damning indictment on the conservative movement, at least historically.


While that may have been the case for the “typical” Republican politician, it is certainly not the case for the atypical President Trump. With the enthusiastic encouragement of his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, he has been reaching out to the black community with both words and actions since before his presidency even started—and the impact is just now starting to be felt.


To put this achievement in proper perspective: Politico even published a recent story headlined “Trump shocks Black voters-by trying to get their votes.” The piece opened by citing how the Trump campaign ran a full-page ad in the Westside Gazette, a paper that proclaims itself to be “Broward County’s oldest and largest African American owned-and-operated newspaper.” Many wondered, “Why would he bother?”


The president bothers because he knows what that group of black entrepreneurs in Virginia was saying is true. Republicans have not made any inroads with the black community because they haven’t taken the time or made the efforts to do so. They have left a 13% segment of our population, one dependent upon the broken promises and welfare-state Democrats, completely untapped ever since Lyndon Johnson’s not-so-Great Society programs launched in the 1960s.


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