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Sweden: Court verdict today in case of Åsa Westerberg, who was arrested, abused by secret police (VIDEO)…….


I posted on Westerberg before (Dec 12. 2019), but since her case is expecting a verdict today, I will post this once again…


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  • On December 22, 2019
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Sweden is being swept by a strong wave of murder, violent assault, rape, gang rape and sexual assault, in addition to the ever-present terror threat. Instead of using its limited resources to protect its citizens from the violent onslaught against them, Sweden is waging war on its citizens for daring to speak out against the same violent onslaught from which the state is failing to protect them.

Sweden’s War on Free Speech


Åsa Westerberg is a Swedish free speech activist who has been arrested and terrorized for speaking out against the intolerance, abuse and misogyny under Sharia.


Westerberg has been the target of harassment campaigns by migrants and their open border leftist supporters for sharing the effects that Sweden’s suicidal mass-migration crisis has had on her country. These campaigns include harassing Westerberg’s family and friends, trying to brand her as a hateful racist, bankrupting her, trying to ruin her career and mass reporting her to police for ‘thought crimes’.


Special anti-“hate” government goon squads have responded to the lefts request with stunningly totalitarian tactics. Westerberg was first subjected to a house raid.

The three police officers, two men and one woman, systematically went through her apartment and rooted through her belongings. They photographed in her wardrobes, bureaus and in the apartment which caused her to start questioning the police’s actions. While a police officer was photographing her lingerie , she asked what this had to do with her Facebook posts.
A number of mobiles and a computer were taken by police from Åsa’s home and when they left the scene a police officer threatened that he could easily start burning her apartment, which another police officer responded by pointing out that his colleague is a fire investigator.


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