Finnish security head (SUPO) says “ISIS moms” greater risk in Finland than in Syrian al-Hol detention camp…….


Really? Go figure…


The Leftist-run Finnish government decided otherwise, proving it cares more for Islamonazi tots than for Finnish kids. Disgusting and outrageous.


Head of Supo: Isis mothers in Finland would be more of a threat than in a Syrian camp

Sanna, a Finnish resident who has lived in areas controlled by the extremist Isis for years, told CNN in an interview that she would like to return to Finland. The screenshot is from an interview with CN Wed correspondent Ben Wedeman. Suppo chief Antti Pelttar’s Security Police state that the wives of terrorists from the Isis terrorist organization are a greater threat to society in Finland than if they were to stay in Syria.


According to Antti Pelttar, chief of the Security Police, both options involve risks, but Isis women and their teenage children returning to Finland would probably pose a greater threat than if they stayed in the al-Hol camp.

ACCORDING TO THE Security Police, the wives of the Isis terrorist organization’s potential return TO FINLAND are, in principle, a threat to national security.


However, according to Antti Pelttar , the head of Supo , this does not mean that every woman living in the so-called Isis caliphate poses a threat to Finland.

– Each will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, Pelttari stressed during a seminar in Helsinki on Tuesday.

On Monday, Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s (sd) government outlined that children in Syria’s al-Hol camp are preparing to be brought to safety in Finland. On the other hand, according to the Government, the obligation to help does not apply to adults who have voluntarily gone to the area, in other words to mothers of the children.

In some cases, however, the child’s interest may also be considered as requiring the mother to come to Finland. In addition, as Finnish citizens, mothers have the right to return to their home country with their own help if they wish.

THERE has also been some discussion IN FINLAND OVER THE last few days about which is the higher risk: mothers and children who may remain in the al-Hol camp or children and mothers returning to Finland?


The Security Police has a clear position on this.

“Probably their threat would be bigger here in Finland than they would be there,” Pelttari said.


According to Antti Pelttar, the head of the Security Police, the little children of Isis wives do not pose a threat, but teenagers exposed to propaganda might already be.


According to Antti Pelttar, the head of the Security Police, the little children of Isis wives do not pose a threat, but teenagers exposed to propaganda might already be.



According to Pelttari, Finnish women have long been in the sphere of the so-called “caliphate”, in the Isis sphere of influence. Some of their children are also so big that they are likely to be exposed to terrorist organization propaganda.

– When they return to Finland, they could become the Isis hot spot here. They could inspire and radicalize others.

Women have also played a key role in the Isis organization.

– Their job has been to spread propaganda and educate future generations. It is also possible that some women have been involved in armed activities, Pelttari recalled.

THE threat that CHILDREN may pose will depend on age says Pelttar.


– Small children, of course, do not pose a threat, but teenagers may already have become radicalized.

According to the Security Police, more than 80 identified persons have left Finland for Isis over the years, some 20 of whom have returned on their own to Finland. During the fighting, about 20 people have died in Syria, and at the moment al-Hol camp is known to have about 10 Finnish women and about 30 children.



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