Merkel warning: Boris Johnson’s UK will outstrip Germany after Brexit, says Tory MP…….


This is why EU apparatchiks sought to disrupt, delay and destroy the UK’s departure from the tyranny of Brussels…

Merkel warning: Boris Johnson’s UK will outstrip Germany after Brexit, says MP

BORIS JOHNSON will use his thumping electoral mandate to deliver a Brexit which will turn Britain into an economic power which will outstrip Germany, Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski has said. Mr Kawczynski was re-elected as MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham with an increased majority of 11,217, taking 52.5 percent of the vote.

He told Express.co.uk there could be no doubt about the verdict nationally, with Mr Johnson’s Conservative Party taking 365 seats compared with just 203 won by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, giving the Tories a majority of 80. He added: “I am delighted the people of Great Britain have spoken so emphatically to get Brexit delivered and build a strong economy built on sustainable debt provision rather than Venezuela-esque hyper-borrowing under Corbyn.” Mr Kawczynski admitted the final YouGov opinion poll had given him the jitters.

He explained: “I was terribly worried as the last poll suggested it could still be hung Parliament which would have been a disaster for our country both socially and economically.


“Our reputation would have nosedived with yet another referendum and delay.”


Looking to the future, Mr Kawczynski struck an optimistic note.

He said: “The message is loud and clear deliver Brexit and focus immediately thereafter on turning Britain into an economic power to rival and surpass Germany.

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