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Daniel Greenfield: “2020 field isn’t diverse because Democrats of all races and gender don’t want diversity”…….


The DNC’s party platform is rejected by its base…

Only 5% of Democrat voters wanted a “person of color” as the candidate. 6% wanted a white candidate. 87% said it didn’t matter. 7% wanted a woman. 12% wanted a man. 77% said it didn’t matter. And that’s in a survey whose demographic composition was 63% female and only 58% white. It turns out that women don’t especially want female candidates, and minorities don’t want a minority candidate.

Democrats Don’t Want Diversity

The 2020 field isn’t diverse because Democrats of all races and gender don’t want diversity.

“It’s been coming up in connection to my campaign: is America ready for that? Are they ready for a woman of color to be President of the United States?” Senator Kamala Harris whined as her campaign collapsed.


Senator Cory Booker and Julian Castro, the remaining diversity candidates, treated Kamala as a martyr to diversity. “It is a problem when an immensely qualified, widely supported, truly accomplished black woman running to lead the party — a party that is significantly empowered by black women voters — didn’t have the resources that she needed to continue here in Iowa,” Booker complained.


Harris had raised $11.6 million in the third quarter. That’s a whole lot of money for nothing. Were donors expected to keep giving to a campaign that, toward the end, was polling at 2%?


The California politician had raised $36 million overall. That’s not too shabby considering Joe Biden had about the same fundraising totals. When you subtract self-funded candidates like Tom Steyer, John Delaney, or Michael Bloomberg, the fundraising totals were dominated by Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg, all of whom are some kind of diverse. Even if it’s a diversity of white Democrats.


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