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Finns Party crushing it with best polling number ever while ruling government applies bandaid to festering wound…….


This government is going to crash and burn…


In the latest development, the SDP will be voting on who will be Antti Rinne’s successor, but it’s only kicking the can down the road. It simply can’t turnaround the bad numbers without a major step to winning voter confidence, and I don’t see that happening. I predict new elections as this highly unpopular government loses even more support than it has already…


Center ~ 10%, SDP ~ 13%  Finns party (PS) 24.3%!  Noteworthy is also the rise of the Coalition Party (Kok) and Christian Democrats (KD) .. PS + Kok + KD = 46.8%  it’s still too little, to coalesce a government together without Kepu (Center) .. So let er rip back boys and girls!

YLE poll: The Finns roar again, Center party’s worse numbers of all the time



According to YLE’s Economic Survey, 24.3 percent would vote in favor of the Finns party. That’s the best reading in the party’s history.


The party’s popularity sparked similar figures during party Chairman Timo Soini’s time in the summer of 2011, when support rose to 23 percent.


Tuomo Turja , Director of Economic Research , calculates that Chairman Jussi Halla-aho’s team pulls supporters from government parties as well as the sleeper parties.


– The party gets supporters from the center, the SDP and those who have not been able to say who they vote for before. That is, a group that is not very attached to politics, ”says Turja.



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