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Germany: Totaliarian Angela Merkel insists on ‘right’ to crush opposing views…….


Take away their power or else we won’t be free…


It’s unnerving what these people actually say, let alone think. It’s all been said and done before with disastrous results. They learn nothing from history.



Some salient points from a few of my favorite voices on just about anything…


Kayoko Reimann:

Try and tell any German that this Stasi apparatchik Merkel, a product of communists who voluntarily went to East Germany ‘to help build socialism’, is totally unqualified to run a modern economy, is an absolute enemy of free society & that they have been screwed, what do you get?

They go apeshit. I’ve tried to tell them. Merkel did more damage to Germany than the Nazis. Try to get that message across! They come at you like rabid dogs.


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