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US: National Socialists “Groyping” For Support From The Conservative ‘America First’ Movement…….


There is an attempt by hardcore Nationalist Socialists to infiltrate the Trump America First movement and peel support away from traditional American values and norms…


A leading voice in the “Groyper” movement is, Nick Fuentes, a classic white supremacist. He and his movement are one of the reasons why I reject the term ‘nationalism’/ethnonationalism /white identitarianism. They have no place in the US context. When President Trump said it, at heart he was talking of Americanism, classic patriotism in the US sense of the word. Nationalism, populism has no foundation in the US constitution and led to the rise of progressivism of the late 1800’s via the agrarian movement. We’ve been dealing with the ramifications of that for over a century, culminating in an actual presidential candidate running as a socialist and not being overwhelmed by any meaningful condemnation whatsoever.

“I told you yes, absolutely”
He also said it would be “degenerate” for a white person to have sex with a black person.


The guy is pure poison. Lisa Michelle, a dear friend of mine for many years, was totally unaware of the person and movement in question and horrified upon learning about them, and wants them exposed. Insisting to keep her tweet up in order for others to learn about him and his movement was a wonderful gesture. Kudos to her. I await Daniel Greenfield’s piece about this creep and his movement in the upcoming days.


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