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Dan Bongino and Judge Jeanine breakdown the SPY-Gate, Ukraine-Gate connection…….


Dan Bongino: This is what I cover in my book, this may be one of the most important segments I have ever done, that’s why I tweeted please watch this tonight, Spy-gate and Ukraine fake- whistleblower-gate are the same scandals, and they are not Trump scandals, they are Democrats scandals.


Here’s the long and short of it. The Obama Administration did not want to do anything to help the Ukrainians when eastern Ukraine was invaded by the Russians, and why very simply the Obama Administration needed to curry favor with the Russians because they wanted the Iran deal to happen, so they kissed the asses of the Russians collectively and let them do whatever they wanted.


Now, anyone who opposed the Iran deal and other strategic initiatives by the Obama Administration became a focus of a spying scandal called Spy-Gate. Need the evidence? (Shows paper headlines) The Ukrainian efforts to spy on Trump. Politico:  Australian diplomat feeding information. The Hill. Australian diplomat whose tip prompted FBI’s Russia probe has ties to Clinton. Do you need some more Judge?


British intelligence passing information to the Obama Administration on Trump. The spying scandal is an effort to circumvent US spy laws by the Obama Administration using foreign partners to spy on their political opponent, of which Donald Trump becomes a political target. That’s why the title of my first book is Spy-Gate, not Trump-Gate because it’s about spying.


How does this connect with the impeachment scandal? In a nutshell, one of the foreign partners helping the Obama Administration and Democrats spy, were key Ukrainian officials. Was it top-down? That’s not what I’m saying, but there is no doubt key Ukrainians were involved in feeding information to Fusion GPS to spy on Donald Trump.


Judge, Nelly Ohr whose husband worked for the Obama justice department, Nelly Ohr worked for Fusion GPS, has sworn under oath that one of her sources for information on Trump was a Ukrainian lawmaker. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, look at the transcript.


Judge Jeanine: You got the facts and what we know is that Obama was trying to curry favor with Russia for the Iran Deal, and clearly he was, because the Russians annexed Crimea okay, the Russians invaded Ukraine, there was no missile defense system so Ukraine was like a sitting suck all right, and all of a sudden they get mad at President Trump, he’s the one who is giving them lethal aid to fight Russia. I mean this is craziness.


But all that aside, when you have all these big players who we can prove are not only involved in Ukraine, but making money in Ukraine, Biden’s son with corrupt Ukrainians, then it makes even more sense because they’re even profiting from the corruption.


Dan Bongino: Well your first point is correct, the Obama Administration sent a bunch of Snuggies and blankets and microwave popcorn over to Ukraine, Trump sent javelins and lethal aid for the Ukrainian to fight the Russians and somehow Trump’s the bad guy. The scandal gets worse, All of the witnesses and all of the players in Spygate are also players in Ukraine-gate.


The same people in the Ukrainian, or overseas in Ukraine working for the United States Diplomat Jovanovic, George Kent, the list of witnesses that Democrats bring forward are also suspected to have been involved in a pressure campaign to not prosecute key Ukrainians and people involved who were liberal donors. It’s amazing.


Judge Jeanine: Fiona Hill testified and out of the blue this week she says Christopher Steele was used, what was that about?


Dan Bongino: Yeah. She was interesting because she actually wrote an Op-Ed defending the Obama Administration sending the Snuggies rather than lethal aid. Fiona Hill has a relationship with people in the state department in the Deep State, those connections from the state department of Steel are well-known. Judge, these people all knew each other. They all knew each other.


Fiona Hill has also said that she believes that you know, Steal’s information, that he was playing them and was probably trying to make a few bucks, but I can’t emphasize enough, that the witnesses against Donald Trump and impeachment trial are also key players in hiding Ukrainian efforts to feed information to a Democrat operatives used to spy on the Trump team, it’s the same players.


And by the way, the Nelly Ohr source in Ukraine that she said on the record, he denies it, she swears on the record, Leshchenko is her source, this guy Lehchenco appears in the Do Not prosecute list, in a pressure campaign not to prosecute Lehchenco by Jovanovich.


Judge Jeanine: You’ve got to give them credit, everything they accuse the president of, they are guilty of.


TT: Here’s the vid, but who knows how long it stays online, so hence the need to transcribe the excellent, and informative exchange. Also, it’s good to have a transcription to copy and paste from.


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