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Helsingin Sanomat ‘journalist’ cries foul, snowflakes in real time over criticism of her hack journalism…….


Next, she’ll cry about ‘targeting’…


In a Twitter exchange with a Helsingin Sanomat ‘journalist’, Laura Halminen, Veli Nikander reminds the journalist (who never responded to him) that it’s a disingenuous practice not to label Leftist news outlets as she does conservative ones. Noting that Halminen, who regularly uses the Right-Wing, Far-Right monikers for conservative outlets she’s reporting on (American conservatism is not right-wing, it’s constitutionalism, Enlightenment based), she fails to do the same with Leftist, hard/Far-Leftist outlets like the ones she mentioned in her article. Salon and Buzzfeed. Halminen didn’t label them at all.


So I took objection as well, noting that for her to do so, it would mean that she had to engage in honest journalism. She didn’t like that, at all, read the exchange.


NOTE: This portion of my tweet is missing from the screencap, it goes directly under Halminen’s tweet about “you blogger”.

Here you are you ”journalist”. I never denied he wasn’t screwing up, but in importance, it ranks as a nothing-burger compared to Hillary Clinton’s ‘intentional’ indiscretions and getting away with it due to throw-in corrupt media that you slavishly protect. Lol!

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