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Mark Levin: Democrat Impeachment Inquiry ‘an Outrageous Violation of the Constitution’…….


The Dems trample on the very constitution that they say they uphold but seek to change at any given moment they can…


Mark Levin: Democrat Impeachment Inquiry ‘an Outrageous Violation of the Constitution’

Friday during Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” conservative talker Mark Levin, author of “Unfreedom of the Press,” slammed the day’s so-called impeachment inquiry proceedings underway in the House Intelligence Committee.


Levin called them an “outrageous violation of the Constitution” for being devoid of due process, and also attacked the media for its claim of wrongdoing regarding President Donald Trump’s tweet earlier in the day during the proceedings.


“You know, Sean, this is amazing,” Levin said. “I hope the American people know what you are witnessing is tyranny. You can have tyranny of the legislature. You can have tyranny of the executive branch. You can have tyranny of the judiciary. You are witnessing tyranny in the House of Representatives in the Intelligence Committee that doesn’t do intelligence work anymore. This is an outrageous violation of the Constitution. Here’s the constitution. How often is the Constitution read during these hearings? Never. Never. And it’s never going to be because they are destroying the Constitution of the United States. They are undermining the franchise. By they, I not only mean the Democrats on this committee, I mean the media.”


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