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Daniel Greenfield: Never Again is Now, in Europe and America…….


As I have stated time and again, the introduction of highly antisemitic Muslims into Europe has supercharged traditional Jew-hatred of Europe that has lied just beneath the surface in the post-WWII era…


The Democrats, as well as hard-core alt-rightists in the US, are imitating their European fellow ideologues.

Never Again is Now, in Europe and America

A new documentary tells tough truths about anti-Semitism.


“Hamas! Hamas! Jews to the gas!”

When Evelyn Markus made the difficult decision to leave Amsterdam, the “world’s most liberal city”, where she had grown up and come to the United States, she thought she was leaving hate behind.


Her reasons for leaving a country where her ancestors had lived for four centuries, and her continuing journey through history and hatred, is at the heart of her new documentary film, Never Again is Now.


Evelyn’s Amsterdam is a city of contrasts filled with the familiar sights of flowers and canals, and the shocking, but also increasingly familiar sights of angry mobs chanting support for the Islamic terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah, and howling out their hatred for the Jews. It’s this everyday horror that drove her out of the Netherlands, and that drives Never Again is Now’scollision of history and current events.


For Evelyn Markus, the daughter of Dutch Jews who survived the Holocaust, the “world’s most liberal city” stopped being all that liberal. The death of her parents and the death of the ‘liberal’ city where she had grown up became intertwined as a journey of the mind and the soul.


That journey, in which Evelyn pored through her parents’ letters and their stories of the Holocaust even as she confronted the rebirth of popular anti-Semitism, eventually became Never Again is Now, a documentary about the past, present and future of Jewish life, and its evil twin, anti-Semitism.


Evelyn’s journey in Never Again is Now takes us into history, not just in the past, but in its endurance and emergence today, in the heroic, as she meets Frank Towers, the 90-year-old veteran who helped save her family, in Nashville at the last reunion of the 30th Infantry Veterans of World War II, and in the confrontation with evil, encountering an anti-Semitic mob chanting, “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.”


Evelyn’s parents had fallen in love under the shadow of the Nazi occupation of Holland, and survived, reunited and married, only to have their daughter flee the rise of that same hatred, this time not under the Swastika, but the red banners of the Left and the green banners of Islam. A generation after her parents had built a life together, Evelyn observed a new anti-Semitism coming from the “political Left.”


And the growth of Muslim migration had also spurred a new wave of anti-Semitism in the Netherlands.


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