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In regards to Islam, some people (who should know better) really do not see the trees for the forests…..


Willfully blind…


She (EinLi) conflates criticism of Islam -and of others who flack for it- as being “bigoted”, while it is the ideology of Islam, it’s jihad, intrinsic Jew-hatred that is as the heart of Islam’s war on the Jews. Trying to prove that I’m “knee-jerking” the issue is farcical, I’m the one pointing out the elephant in the room. The Muslim she’s playing twitter-tag with is all too willing to heap charges of “bigotry and hate” against me. Therein lies the problem.


Most Muslims will never be willing to be critical of their ideology. Ever. They default to victimhood the moment someone offers a credible criticism of Islam. Useful stooges like the one involved in the Twitter exchange is emblematic of the hopeful utopians, turn a blind eye to the problem in hope that it just goes away. Those of us who know better, well, we just get in the way of their Nirvana.



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