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Daniel Greenfield: YouTube/Facebook Censoring Journalists Reporting on Dem Operative in Trump Impeachment……..


Social Media Giant Tyranny…

YouTube/Facebook Censoring Journalists Reporting on Dem Operative in Trump Impeachment

Daniel Greenfield

The social media war on journalists continues as Facebook and YouTube take down content by journalists reporting on the identity of the Democrat operative at the heart of the Democrat impeachment case against President Trump.


These acts of censorship impede the ability of journalists to report on a major news story, possibly the biggest such story now, undermine the intent of the First Amendment, to protect a free press able to inform the public about political issues and events, and reinforce the problematic nature of a technological monopoly on speech that is, at the same time, also a political monopoly.


Facebook and YouTube have not taken any similar steps to prevent the distribution of the names and identities of conservative whistleblowers at Google/Alphabet, the parent company of YouTube, or any other whistleblowers at major dot com monopolies.


Their insistence that they are just enforcing their rules against the ‘outing of witness, informant, or activist,’


These rules continue to serve as a double standard, a pretext for censorship of conservative journalists, with no reciprocal restraint of lefty media who routinely engage in the doxxing and other inappropriate outing of political targets.


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