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Israel Sderot Mayor says a broad military operation is needed to tackle terrorist rocket attacks against his town……


A little carpet bombing of some Islamonazis wouldn’t hurt…



Only smoldering ruins and weeping widows will act as a deterrence for the Islamonazis.

Sderot Mayor: A broad military operation is needed

Sderot Mayor calls on Israeli leadership to unite and bring an end to the rocket fire on southern Israel.


Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi responded on Saturday night to the rocket attack on Friday night in which a home in Sderot was hit.


“Unfortunately, again our Friday night dinner was interrupted by terrorist organizations, which fired rockets at the city of Sderot, causing thousands of residents and children to enter protected spaces,” he said.


“We have been living in this reality of an ‘emergency routine’ for close to two years and it is long past time for it to come to an end, through a broad military operation in the Gaza Strip, including the elimination of Hamas leaders.”


Davidi continued, “Even now, despite the fact that we are in a transitional government and it is unknown who will form the next government, all the leaders need to unite around stopping the rocket fire on the State of Israel and the anxieties of our children and find a solution to this painful issue.”


More here.


I was in Sderot with Brian of London and Tommy Robinson in 2016.


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