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Netherlands: Article on Jewish family living with daily terror for twenty years, no mention of group doing the terrorizing……..


The Islamic element is supercharging the domestic variant, but who are the main culprits here..?




A Jewish family living in the village Hippolytushoef has been subjected for twenty years with, almost daily, terror. The Schmidt family has five children. Some have been called “dirty Jews” and have also been told that all Jews should be gassed. The police is inactive and does not investigate the incidents. 

Jewish family in Hippolytushoef has been living with daily terror for twenty years


A Jewish family in Hippolytushoef, a village on the former island of Wieringen, has indicated that it has to do with daily terror for twenty years. Father Wouter Schmidt confessed this to the Haarlems Dagblad . There is nothing to argue with, he says in an interview. He must protect his wife and five children (between the ages of 15 and 25) from external attacks. Last week another window was blown up with fireworks, he says. It is part of the harassment that the family must undergo.


Purim disturbed

The family once lived in Soesterberg and moved to the village of Hippolytushoef in 2000. “We came to live there in March. One or two months later we celebrated Purim and then we noticed something for the first time. Laser lights were used to shine in the eyes of the children from outside, ”Schmidt tells the newspaper. The misery did not stop afterwards and also increased. For example, a child came to stand by the window and did the Hitler salute. “I’m his father held accountable, but who was drunk and accused me of all sorts of things.”


The name of one of Schmidt’s children was also scratched in their car, with swastika attached. Because the children were bullied at school (they were called ‘rotjoden’) and were always told that ‘all Jews must be gassed’, the parents eventually let them go to another school. Nevertheless, the harassment continued to this day. One time a large ice block flew through the window, coming from the igloo that the family had made in the schoolyard. “You have to see that the ice block was as big as a baby box. The block went straight through the window, straight at my daughter. They just missed her. ”


Fireworks bomb

More things were thrown into the house, including stones, a tree trunk and wood from their own garden fence, but also firecrackers. The glass window in the front door is now bulletproof. The family’s cargo bike was thrown into the ditch. “It has become so normal, so normal, that you no longer know what exactly happened when,” said Schmidt, who until recently never dared to go to the media for fear that even more would happen to them. A fireworks bomb made him change his mind last week. “Fireworks were put in the letterbox and lit, that went off. Then I walked downstairs and a much harder bang followed. The window flew out. Twelve meters further there were pieces of glass, I measured it again. ”

Seven lives ruined
Schmidt told the newspaper: “I have two daughters and three sons who never really leave. One does not leave the house altogether. I call that psychological damage. My youngest daughter goes to the therapist, who doesn’t dare to go shopping anymore. Lives have been destroyed here. Seven lifetimes twenty years. A hundred and forty years messed up. And then I try to teach my children every day: don’t hate. But how do you create trust in a society where this happens? How do you teach your child that? ”

Anti-Semitic slurs

At some point, Schmidt no longer realized whether there was anti-Semitism. “You are going to see everything in a different light. Everything will be one big fight. ”He talks about his gifted son. When he cycled along the road on his own, honking was going on. He was then driven off his bicycle. A  hit and run , says Schmidt. “Now he is disabled, and after 25 minutes he can’t do anything anymore. He has lost his life. I don’t know if that was an anti-Semite or someone else who drove on, but at a certain point you will start thinking in terms of patterns. ”


Error in the war

Schmidt knows who do it. “From what we can see for ourselves, it is mainly minors. In the past, many people in this area were on the wrong side. You would think: now we are four generations further, is it not gone now? But I think it has been passed on from generation to generation. And by that I do not mean that everyone whose family was ‘wrong’ in the war is now also themselves. ”The father states in the Haarlems Dagblad that the perpetrators must be caught. “These are things that terrorists do and I see the perpetrators as a criminal organization, but with only one victim in mind.”


Tipping moment?

About twelve years ago it looked like the perpetrators could be caught. “Then about thirty people gathered in front of our house. They called each other on their phone calls and threw stones. The neighbor had filmed that. But because it was filmed from the public highway, it was not admissible evidence. ”Schmidt has given up his hope in society, it seems. “I sometimes thought, don’t I fit in with society? No. Those other people do not fit into society. But I don’t think society takes good care of me. In twenty years nobody has risen. ”


Police and municipality absent
The police do nothing, says Schmidt. “Even now with the fireworks, they have not taken fingerprints, not measured how far the glass is splashed away.” After ‘minor incidents’, Schmidt usually does not report anymore. Eggs on the window? “Then we will buy an extra garden hose.” Furthermore, according to him, local politics and the Public Prosecution Service are failing. “The municipality must know about this, right? Have they not been properly informed for twenty years? Or did they know and at least have played it down, as if it were a bubble call? ”

It is not clear whether Schmidt has ever approached the mayor. He believes that politics and police should be investigated. “We look at incidents, not patterns. Good research is needed and that has not happened so far. ”Schmidt also went to De Telegraaf and RTL Nieuws. No responses have yet been received from local politics and the police.

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