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Bosch Fawstin: Why Muslims Support “Palestine”…….


Via FPM: 

Bosch Fawstin Discusses Why Muslims Support “Palestine”

In an interview with Democracy Broadcasting, Bosch Fawstin discussed the importance of the so-called “Palestinians” to the Islamic Caliphate and its larger cause.


Fawstin, a talented comic book artist responsible for the incredible Pigman comics, which confront the threat of Islamic conquest, is an ex-Muslim and was among the targets of the first ISIS attack on American soil. His insights into the motivations of Islamic terrorism and political activism (which are just two sides of the same coin) are crucial.


Here’s an except, courtesy of Democast.


Question: And make a caliphate through the Middle East?

Answer:  That’s the entire point of it. And the entire Muslim world is behind that. But they keep them (the Palestinians) angry, they keep them starving, they keep them . . . they want to make sure that they’re good and angry to keep going – because they could have taken them in. They could have just spread them out across the Middle East. In any hellhole-istan that they wanted to.


There’s more of the interview at Democracy Broadcasting.

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