Israel Self Reliance

Official Israeli delegation to accompany US to attend maritime security meeting in Bahrain…….


As the ‘Palestinians’ satisfy themselves with misrule and the continual flow of aid money that they squander, Israel plods ahead to create alliances to counter other terrorist forces in the region.

Israel to attend maritime security meeting in Bahrain

Official Israeli delegation to attend US-led meeting in Bahrain to discuss countering Iranian threats against shipping routes in the Gulf.


An official Israeli delegation will attend a US-led maritime security meeting to be held on Sunday in Bahrain, Western diplomats told Channel 13 News’ Barak Ravid on Saturday.


The meeting is intended to focus on countering Iranian threats against shipping routes in the Gulf, according to the report.


Israel and Bahrain do not have full and official diplomatic relations, but the Israeli participation in the conference is another example of the Iranian threat that is bringing Israel and the Gulf states closer together and allowing their government officials to be seen publicly around the same table, noted Ravid.


The meeting will be attended by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman and is seen as a follow-up to the US-led anti-Iran conference held in Warsaw in February. Around 60 countries attended that conference and have participated in ongoing meetings since, noted Ravid.


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