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Netherlands: Turkish-Kurdish Dustup in Rotterdam, Three Policemen Wounded…….


Bringing the Middle East’s problems into your own neighborhood…


Three Policemen wounded in Turkish-Kurdish Fight in Rotterdam

Protests of Turkish and Kurdish demonstrators in Rotterdam could not be controlled by the police and led to fights. The conflict resulted from the Turkish invasion in the Kurdish area of northern Syria. Twenty-three suspects were arrested. A number of knives and other similar weapons were found. Three policemen were wounded.


via AD.NL:

Dozens of arrests during grim protest in Rotterdam: several officers were injured

VIDEOThe protest of Kurdish and Turkish demonstrators in the center of Rotterdam completely got out of hand last night. The two groups sought confrontation with each other. Three officers were injured. The police arrested 23 suspects. 


The demonstration started on the Kruisplein, but moved to Central Station where Middle Eastern people with shields tried to keep the groups separate. There were always small fights outside the station, with police arresting suspects. Multiple weapons were found during the search. Including knives, boxing brackets, screwdrivers and a blackjack. A cop broke his wrist. Others were injured or slightly injured.


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