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What the Finnish Media Should Be Reporting About On The Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry of Donald Trump, But Won’t…….


This is what the sick Finnish media will never air, let alone report on…


The mediocrity of the Finnish press on any given subject is depressing enough, where US politics (and Israel) is concerned it’s downright abysmal. Anything reported on the US political situation is skewed to one side, the Finnish media take unquestionably the reporting of the Washington Post, The NYTimes as well as from the rest of the Left-leaning newsrooms. It’s pathetic.


The biggest scandal of the century, or if ever in US politics, the soft coup against the incoming administration of Donald J.Trump, has been reported in as if the DNC itself was scripting the news. These people are not journalists, but stenographers, lackeys, shills for their Leftist comrades in the US Fake News Media.


Mark Levin: Senate Should Launch ‘Nuclear Option’ And Dismiss Impeachment Charges



Appearing on Thursday night’s edition of “Hannity” on Fox News, Levin broke down California Rep. Adam Schiff’s prior knowledge about the whistleblower complaint, contending that he likely revealed it only to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


“How do I know that?” he asked rhetorically. “Because she goes to the podium like Eva Perrone and she declares — now we’re gonna have an official impeachment inquiry without the transcript. How did she know? Because Schiff tipped her off about what was in this complaint.”


More here at the Daily Caller.

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