Finland Islamic misogyny

Finnish female athletes in Qatar shocked to be treated like cheap sausage: “No equality at all”…….


Are we supposed to be surprised…?


It always amuses to hear people are shocked when they brush up against Islam 101. Hopefully, it leaves a lasting impression on them.

Qatari men treat Finnish female athletes like cheap sausage: “No equality at all”

Sara Kuivisto, Wilma Murto, Krista Tervo and Camilla Richardsson share their cool experiences in Doha.

Hurdle runner Camilla Richardsson sits at the Finnish team’s hotel press conference in mid-thigh shorts.


– Inside, I dare to have these on, as well as the training ground and in the stadium, although some people stare. If I go out into the street to run, you can’t slip on hotpants because it is such a different culture. I have seen men in shorter shorts.  In terms of equality this is peculiar country, Richardsson sighs.


The Finnish Embassy in Abu Dhabi informed Iltalehti that in Doha the knees and shoulders should be covered with clothing. At its worst, ” wrong ” clothing could lead to prison in Qatar.


– I put on trousers for breakfast. If I go out, I will pay attention to the length of the pants, Richardsson says.




“Where a criminal offense is in question, Islamic Sharia – law is applied. A criminal offense under sharia – law includes, among others, use of alcohol, adultery,( external relations of marriage ) and gay sex”, reads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel bulletin.


– Note that as a woman it is forbidden to be in the same room with a stranger. If you have to be in the elevator with a man alone, they are really upset. And they look terribly at how one is dressed, ”Kuivisto says.

Hammer thrower Tervo has noticed that men in Qatar have a different living environment than women.


– Men’s clothes, like shorts, is not policed like women’s clothing are. These days, equality, of course, is an important issue. Here you do not have any degree of equality, Tervo commented.




I have seen a lot, so I know how cool it is to live in Finland. Quite a lot of time it’s not pleasing to the ear when someone loudly criticizes Finland. Of course, in all countries, there are things that could be better, because it’s not all perfect. But in Finland in principle, things are so well you not to dare to complain when you have seen such places like this, Murto underlines.


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