Islamization MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden

Sweden: Shiia politician wants to get rid of Swedish holidays…….


What interests me as well, is the fact that the radical Left which supports Islamonazis such as Jaafar, are already starting to to see their sacred cows on the chopping block…


Not learning from history, the Left are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the Iranian Left which joined forces with the Mullahs of Iran in overthrowing the Shah of Iran. They soon felt the tip of the scimitar once the mullahs consolidated their political power.



Muslim politicians want to remove Swedish holidays from the calendar

Kalmar’s local newspaper Barometern says that the CUF, the Center Party’s youth organization, wants to eliminate, among others, May 1, Labor Day, which is just one of the days marked on the Swedish calendar.


These red days refer to holidays marked on the calendar; Christmas, Easter, May Day, etc., which are also general holidays from work. The issue is being driven in particular by Kalmar’s Center Youth and its main man, Jaafar Al-Jabiri. Al-Jabiri says in Barometern :

– It is not about freedom itself, but about the fact that we do not want holidays from above, that people are allowed days off. We want people to choose their holidays by talking to their employer themselves. Right now we are discussing May Day, but for me it could well be Midsummer or Easter, Al-Jabiri says.

Indeed, could the Syrian al-Jabir motive be mentioned above? Maybe, but just as much in the balance, the man is a deeply believing Shia Muslim. He participates in all Islamic religious events as prescribed by the Qur’an and visits the Kalmar Mosque every day.


So if a journalist Muslim wants to remove holidays from the Swedish calendar, most of which are Christian celebrations …



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