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J.E.Dyer: An actual, no-kidding reason for Trump’s review of military aid to Ukraine…….


An actual, no-kidding reason for Trump’s review of military aid to Ukraine

What a difference two weeks makes.  That short a time ago, no one outside Washington had heard about the rumor-mongered version of a misnamed “whistleblower” allegation: that Trump tried to strong-arm Ukraine to investigate the Biden family’s activities there, by threatening Ukraine’s military aid funding.  The only thing the folks outside a few privileged corners of D.C. knew was that military aid to Ukraine had been slow-rolled since early July, and was under review.


But two weeks ago, the folks outside D.C. had every opportunity to know why the funds were under review.  So, for that matter, did the folks inside D.C.


Not only that: the review the Ukraine assistance funds were under was a source of indignation against the Trump administration.  It was a great reason to be mad at Trump; it just wasn’t the same reason now being turned into a melodramatic script about extortion, high crimes, misdemeanors, and impeachment.


But that was two weeks ago.  Indignation wasn’t fanned high enough, and the late reporting languished.  The biggest reason it languished, we can assume, is that after reviewing the Ukraine funding, the Trump administration decided to make no changes to it, and has allowed it to resume in the current fiscal year.


We knew all of that, and we knew why it was done, before the rosy-fingered dawn of Ukrainegate crept across the sky.

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