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Reporters Without Borders Report Swedish Journalism Under Threat For Spreading Propaganda That Supports State’s Narrative on Asylum Seekers…….


In short, they lied to protect the state’s policies on mass migration of so-called “asylum seekers”…

Reporters Without Borders: Swedish Journalism Under Threat, Could Become Propaganda

NGO Reporters Without Borders has warned that Sweden’s independent journalism is under threat and that public broadcasters could become propaganda outlets for the government.


Erik Halkjaer, chairman of Reporters Without Borders, said that broadcasters like Sveriges Radio and SVT risk losing independent journalism, Nyheter Idag reports.


Nyheter Idag claimed that an example of what Halkjaer warns about could be seen in a 2015 report by public service broadcaster SVT, which claimed many asylum seekers during the height of the migrant crisis were well-educated.

The article, which was published in June of 2015, stated: “More than half of the Syrian refugees who come here have occupations that are in demand in Sweden.”


“Every third Syrian who comes to Sweden has a post-secondary education,” the article continued, and claimed that many also were professionals in high-demand jobs in Sweden.


Earlier this year, it was revealed that many migrants actually have very poor educations, with some even being considered illiterate.


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