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Poland: Israeli students violently attacked by Qataris after leaving nightclub…….


Triggered Muslims…


One victim was taken to hospital and treated for a broken nose and eye socket and hopes to arrive back in Israel either tomorrow or shortly thereafter.

 SEPTEMBER 9, 2019 01:02
Several Israeli students in Warsaw on a semester abroad were violently assaulted in the Polish capital in the early hours of Saturday morning, allegedly by a group of young men from Qatar, including two who were hospitalized.

The Foreign Ministry confirmed the attack and said that the Israeli consul in Warsaw had addressed the incident.


Yotam Kashpizky and several friends who are in Warsaw within the framework of their studies at the Rishon Lezion Management College had been at a night club in the city and left at around 4 a.m. in the early hours of Saturday morning.


As they left, Kashpizky says that a group of young Arab men approached them and started asking if they were Israeli.


Kashpizky told The Jerusalem Post that the men identified themselves as being from Qatar and started shouting “free Palestine,” “free Gaza” and “f**k Israel” at the group of Israelis, and when they stated they were indeed from Israel, the Qatari men began to attack and assault them.

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